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Writing a book, Books Berger Frida Survival Co-ops et al

Writing a book, Books Berger Frida Survival Co-ops et al—Denna Jones (Flickr.com)

Writing a book is tough when you are working alone.  Writing a book with a writing partner makes quality content creation easier to yet it requires more collaboration.

Even with Google Docs, email and Skype, collaboration across idea generation to the final product can be a difficult take to manage.

If you’ve followed my WordCamp Detroit 2012 Slides – Smart Blogging Tool for Smart Business, then you know I’m a fan of real-world collaboration tools that make writing, blogging and content creation easier.

I recently published an article at Projects@Work that highlights how I use Mindjet, a popular mind mapping and collaboration tool to develop a book outline, collaborate with my writing partner and track relevant tasks.

Mindjet first started out as a mind mapping tool but it has grown into an impressive collaboration tool that helps get work done…all the way from idea generation to actual work management.

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Mindjet has integrated its popular mind-mapping solution into the cloud, allowing project teams to brainstorm, organize and manage information from anywhere using a visual framework.

The Projects@Work link will likely ask you to create a free account to read the article, but I realize many of you are not project managers so I posted a PDF of the article here:


If the article has peaked your interest, then I recommend giving Mindjet a try.  You can sign up for a free account and start brainstorming and collaborating with your writing partner.  If you are a fan of project management and want to follow my monthly column with Projects@Work, then sign-up for a free membership on their website.  I’d be interested in your feedback so please comment below.

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